Customer Communication

Automate Customer Engagement

Dunning and communication on auto-pilot.

Automated Customer Communication - Cadency

Customer Communication

Automated communication from Cadency improves customer relationships with personalized messages and enables scalability for optimized customer outreach strategies.

Auto Pilot Customer Communication

Customer Communication on Auto-Pilot

You can automate your customer communication with Cadency by configuring workflows and highly individualized message templates. You can segment your customers and implement customized email communication frequencies, invoice due reminders, and statements.

Streamline Collection Processes

Tailor the dunning process with personalized communication per customer or segment. Define a series of automated cadencies and templates, such as reminders and statements, to engage customers with overdue payments.

Steamline Collection Process
workflow or customer segment type Automation

Tailor Automation Levels

Cadences can be fully automated or, if you prefer, can be configured to require final-look by your AR team. You can choose your level of automation based on the type of workflow or customer segment.