Dispute Management

Streamline Invoice Dispute Management

Take a collaborative approach for quicker resolutions.

Invoice Dispute Management- Cadency

Expedite Dispute Resolution

A centralized platform to handle and settle disputed invoices and inquiries.

dispute management in accounts receivable

Dispute Tracking

Cadency offers a centralized platform for the creation, tracking, and management of invoice disputes. Disputes are resolved efficiently by connecting your customer and AR team on a single platform that monitors progress in real-time.

Collaboration is Key

Cadency's integrated collaboration tools facilitate communication and collaboration between the customer and your team. Chat, share files, and keep your AR team aligned with automated workflow and task reminders.

Accounts receivable collaboration tools
Accounts Receivable Dispute Resolution

Align Your AR Team

Using Cadency workflow automation, designate tasks to the appropriate internal stakeholder(s), setting deadlines, sending automated notifications and sending reminders to ensure prompt resolution of customer disputes and queries.

Audit Trail and History

Cadency documents every action taken, from the initiation of a dispute to any updates, communications, or resolutions. This ensures accountability and facilitates future reference by providing a transparent and traceable record of the dispute resolution process.

AR dispute resolution process