Empower your customers to manage their invoicing

Let your customers take charge of their account.

Customer Portal - Cadency

Customer Self-Serve Portal

Add convenience for your customers, reduce support costs and increase transparency and control over billing-related activities.

Online Customer Portal

Customer Convenience Online

Enhance the invoice and payment journeys for your customers by giving them a user-friendly online portal. Customers will have direct access to their account information, payment history, invoices and payment options around the clock at their convenience.

Get Paid Quicker

Provide your customers with simple and smooth payment journeys, so you can accelerate your cash flow. With intuitive dashboards, your customers can easily find the invoicing information they need along with familiar payment methods, so they can pay you quicker.

Paying Invoices in Customer Portal
automatic recurring payments

Payment Convenience

Allow your customers to set up automatic recurring payments or opt for modern payment methods, such as open banking or real-time payments. Cadency further enhances the customer experience by incorporating QR codes and in-built payment functionality directly into invoices.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

The self-serve customer portal allows your customers to raise queries, dispute invoices and securely chat with your AR team. Customers can submit their concerns, attach supporting documents, and communicate on the centralized platform which allows for greater transparency.

self-serve customer portal